Whitepaper: Benefits and Use Cases for Waste Data

We Provide Reports on Oil and Gas Wells for Home Buyers and Homeowners and Oil and Gas Waste Data for Investors - Scroll Down for More Information

Are you a home buyer or homeowner concerned about old oil and gas activity on property you are interested in buying or that you currently own? Our WellFactsTM reports provide the answers you need.

Are you an asset manager or asset owner that wants to predict upcoming financial metrics of oil and gas companies or gain insight into future liabilities of oil and gas companies? Our drilling waste data and information can be of tremendous financial benefit to you.

Old Oil and Gas Infrastructure Hidden Below Ground - Issue for Real Estate
When oil and gas wells stop being productive, they are plugged and abandoned. They are cut off below ground which means you can't see them under or around a home. This is also true for any pits or pipes used when they were producing. Also, this old infrastructure is not found in title work.
Oil and Gas Asset Retirement Obligation Accounts - Issue for Investors
Oil and gas company asset retirement obligation accounts (AROs) are not very detailed and don't include many future liabilities. Because drilling waste creates contamination and is not well regulated, you don't know the real value of oil and gas companies due to it not being in AROs.
Current Drilling Waste Disposal Costs - Issue for Investors
Oil and gas companies do not disclose how they are currently disposing of their drilling waste. Often, they can bury it onsite or take it to a landfill. The differences in costs of these methods averages over 650%. As an investor, you are unaware if oil and gas companies are using cheaper current disposal but incurring larger future liabilities.

Our WellFacts™ reports are individual reports generated from public data using our subject matter expertise for each property the customer requests. These reports include information on current and historic oil and gas activity on property. We offer these reports for any area in the United States because most states have had oil and gas production at some point. Contact us to learn more.

Drilling Waste Data and Future Environmental Liabilities

Due to the large environmental liabilities drilling waste creates, we look at each well drilled by public companies so that you can calculate the true value of your investments using our data. You can also use this data for portfolio construction and maintenance. Visit our waste data shop to learn more!

Current Drilling Waste Disposal Costs

We calculate the current disposal costs for each company we cover which provides data relating to CAPEX. Also included are the floor and ceiling of each companies drilling waste disposal costs. This directly relates to multiple financial metrics for each company. Visit our waste data shop to learn more!

Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Corporate Disclosures

Most oil and gas companies publish annual sustainability reports. However, the detail of their drilling waste volumes and disposal practices vary significantly. We review each corporate report using the Global Reporting Initiative's guidance for drilling waste and score them against the guidance. Visit our waste data shop to learn more!

After providing us with your email below, we send you a form asking what property you want investigated. We then provide a quote for WellFacts™ Report 1. Pricing depends on the size of the property and area you want investigated. As an example, Report 1 costs $250 for a lot that is two acres or less. We also offer two Report 1s for $300, if ordered at the same time, for property comparisons. Don't make an offer without getting the WellFacts™ first. If wells are identified on or around the property, we offer a more detailed Report 2. WellFacts™ Report 2 starts at $450 for a lot that is two acres or less.

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Report 1
This report lists plugged, active, or inactive wells on a property. We also include information on gathering lines on or around the property and, finally, potential risks from this oil and gas infrastructure . Home buyers can use this report to screen properties before purchasing the home saving themselves from future risk and financial loss. Homeowners can use this report to determine if they have any old oil and gas issues. Once ordered, this report takes approximately two days to create depending on our backlog.
Report 2
This second report provides detailed information on the identified wells in Report 1 including well drilling information, well construction information, plugging information, old pit information, and the likelihood of gathering lines. We also include information on possible mitigation methods for the risks identified. This report is especially beneficial for homeowners and landowners. Once ordered, this report takes approximately five days to create depending on our backlog.

Our drilling waste datasets can be viewed on our waste data shop where you can learn more about each dataset and see which oil and gas companies we cover and what is included in each dataset. For quotes on each dataset, please click on "Get Data" for that dataset and complete the form. We will then contact you so we can quote you on which dataset/s you are interested in obtaining. After buying the data, we send you a secure link for you to download the dataset/s.

Oil and Gas Waste Data
A quarterly dataset that is derived by us that shows the quantity of waste generated by company, waste type, geographic region, waste-management method, and estimated future environmental liability.
HICO Disposal Cost™ Data
A quarterly dataset that is derived by us that shows the estimated current disposal cost of drilling waste. It also shows the lowest possible disposal cost (floor) and the highest disposal cost (ceiling) for that specific waste ID and state.
Oil and Gas Drilling Waste Disclosure Data
This annual dataset assesses the level of disclosure by oil and gas companies regarding their drilling waste generation and disposal practices in their sustainability reports. Our assessment is based on guidance by the Global Reporting Initiative.

We are a data and analytics company focused on providing high-resolution, high-quality data and risk information to home buyers and homeowners and the financial sector. Using our extensive subject matter expertise, we identify plugged and abandoned wells and their old infrastructure for property owners. We also identify material environmental factors on oil and gas companies and review their current and past operations and practices in order to identify key risks and predict future returns for investors. Our proprietary data collection methodologies capture relevant information and structures it into useful data. We maintain relationships with appropriate technical experts and regulatory agencies and take an academic approach to materiality assessment which is based on our deep understanding of the U.S. oil and gas and environmental regulatory framework.

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