Whitepaper: Benefits and Use Cases for Waste Data

We Provide Unique Data on Oil and Gas Companies for Current Insight and Financial Prediction

Our data and information can be used to assess the financial health and performance of oil and gas companies. As the global economy increases usage of various energy types, governments and the financial sector will need a way to assess financial risks and returns, liabilities, and their respective time horizons. Our data is designed to identify and quantify financial risks and returns prior to their realization by the market as a whole.


Waste Data & Ratings
Our data correlates to financial risks and returns and can improve performance when applied correctly.
Understand how waste management decisions relate to corporate financial performance and why companies choose one disposal method over another in relation to costs and liabilities.
Subject Matter Expertise
Don't be fooled by data and ratings that companies can manipulate simply by changing the narrative. Our data stems from our deep subject matter expertise in oil and gas waste management.
Bespoke Research
We provide bespoke research into specific oil and gas companies upon request. Our bespoke reports can cover both public and private companies.
"The point of our data is to help governments and investors understand current practices and predict future financial performance."
Blake Scott
President - Waste Analytics
Data and Analytics

We derive and structure oil and gas waste data into a high-resolution, useable, and useful format. Datasets include quantity of waste generated by company, waste type, geographic region, waste-management method, and time period. Visit wastedatashop.com to learn more!

Financial and Environmental Ratings

Utilizing our subject matter expertise, we take our high-resolution waste data and estimate the environmental liability and current costs of companies based on their operational processes and procedures. We then rate the companies, using both financial and environmental metrics. Estimated liabilities and ratings are available at our datashop at wastedatashop.com.

Subject Matter Expertise and Engineering Analyses

We employ subject matter experts in various applicable fields to bring together the knowledge base necessary to provide risk and return information on the oil and gas industry. Our employees are experts in oil and gas wastes, environmental science and engineering, petroleum engineering, cost accounting, and sustainability accounting. Our experts have been involved in organizations such as SPE, SASB, GRI, and ITRC.

Financial Research and Analytics

We have the knowledge and understanding of the oil and gas sector to understand the current and long-term costs of drilling waste. We remain up-to-date with reporting organizations and standards such as SASB, GRI, and IPIECA and can provide insight into what companies are reporting and what that means from an asset manager or asset owner’s perspective.

Thematic Research and Analytics

Oil and gas will be a part of the energy mix for several more years. However, the impacts that are created by oil and gas companies vary tremendously. These impacts are important to governments and investors. Many questions arise when looking at thematic issues. What is the environmental footprint of the oil and gas company? What types of disposal methods have the greatest enviornmental impact? What types and volumes of drilling waste is an oil and gas company generating? Our data answers these questions and more.

Asset Managers and Owners
Asset managers and owners are increasingly faced with the task of considering both financial and non-financial metrics in investment strategies. We can help you understand which issues are financially material and to what degree for the companies you’re analyzing.
Banks are becoming more concerned about financial risks from undisclosed issues. Understanding and quantifying these material risks and off-balance-sheet liabilities can provide valuable insight into the long-term credit and tail risks of an organization. By using our information, banks can properly assess reserve-based lending requirements for oil and gas companies.
Financial auditing has been around for a long time, but when it comes to environmental and climate related data and reporting, there is little in the way of ensuring companies are reporting accurately and correctly. Our team has the knowledge and understanding of the oil and gas sector to ensure that environmental information is properly reported.
Predicting future risks is fundamental to insurers. Once the risks are known, pricing the insurance products can be achieved through the use of data, statistics, and experience. It is also critical for underwriters to gather information and data about new topics. Our products and team provide the data and knowledge necessary to assist in offering and pricing insurance products for upstream oil and gas.
The energy sector is rapidly changing in terms of what shareholders and regulators expect regarding financial and non-financial performance and reporting. Companies that wish to access capital will need to demonstrate long-term viability. Our data, knowledge, and experience can help.
We offer data to government clients including environmental agencies and federal land managers (EPA, DOI, DOE, USFS, BLM, etc.) This information can be used in environmental studies, for research purposes, or as part of regulatory rulemaking, among other use cases.
“The person who turns over the most rocks wins the game.”
Peter Lynch

We gather, analyze, and produce high-resolution, actionable data on wastes generated by oil and gas companies. We do this through detailed research using our subject matter expertise and knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations, and our proprietary and consistent data collection methodology. We then apply our operational expertise and technical experience to estimate the cost and liability associated with waste practices. We developed our proprietary FEER Rating™ system in order to rate companies based on financial and environmental metrics associated with their waste management practices. We also provide analytical services for insight into companies' past and current practices.

Volume and Management Data
High-resolution waste data consisting of the volume of drilling waste generated, reported by company, time period (quarterly), state, waste type, and management method.
Estimated Environmental Liability (EEL)
Estimated environmental liability in U.S. dollars, reported by company and calendar quarter. Includes data for number of wells drilled and surface acres impacted.
Financial and environmental rating reported by company and calendar year. Includes total waste volume reported by company and disposal method.

We are an alternative data and analytics firm focused on providing high-resolution, high-quality data and risk information to the financial sector. Using our extensive financial and environmental expertise, we identify material environmental factors for each company and review their current and past operations and practices in order to identify key risks and predict future returns. Our proprietary data collection methodology captures relevant information and structures it into useful data. We maintain relationships with appropriate technical experts and regulatory agencies, and take an academic approach to materiality assessment which is based on our deep understanding of the U.S. oil and gas waste and environmental regulatory framework.

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