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"QuickScreen has allowed us to look at zip codes that don't have much oil and gas activity so we can be more focused in our home search." - Mark S.
"Once we decided on two homes that we really wanted, we bought Wellfacts™ Report to make sure we would not be impacted by any future problems from old oil well activity. I feel so much better about our home purchase now." - Amanda J.
"I have some acreage I bought a few years ago as an investment. I found an abandoned well on the land after I bought it. To learn more, I bought WellFacts™ Pro to find out about the well. Not only did the report provide this information, but it found three other plugged wells. I can now monitor them for any problems and know what company to call if there is a problem. Thank you, Waste Analytics." - Robert F.
Where are Old Oil and Gas Wells?

Many people do not realize that oil and gas wells have been drilled for over 100 years in numerous areas. In fact, it is estimated that over 2.5 million wells have been drilled onshore in the United States. This map from the USGS in 2017 shows the extent of known wells. The likelihood of property being affected is very high regardless of where you live.

USGS Map of Oil and Gas Wells 2017
Plugged Oil and Gas Wells are Not in Title Work or on Surveys

Oil and gas well sites are not included in title work. Mineral leases are recorded in title work, along with any easements, but the actual well location is not identified. Since these old wells are cut off below ground, they do not show up on a survey. This also means any old buried pits or gathering lines are not identified. Therefore, you are not aware of their existence.

Studies show known oil and gas wells close to homes can reduce their value by 15%. Imagine how much the value of your home could be reduced if hidden wells are found. As an example from a real neighborhood, the stars in the picture show plugged wells, which are all below ground.

Old Plugged Oil and Gas Wells Can Leak

Most oil and gas wells are plugged with cement. No one knows exactly how long cement plugs will last, but they have only been used for about 100 years. During this time, many failures have occurred. As with any engineering solution, failures occur if there is no maintenance. Determining if failure is occurring is difficult when it is below ground. This picture depicts an exposed plugged well that is slowly leaking.


We offer three solutions to learn about old oil and gas activity on property: WellFacts™ QuickScreen, WellFacts™ Report, and WellFacts™ Pro. You can start with QuickScreen because it provides information on oil and gas well density by zip code. Once you have a specific home in mind, Wellfacts™ Report identifies if there is old activity or not on a property. If there is activity, Wellfacts™ Pro gives a more detailed analysis.

This report provides information on oil and gas well density within a given zip code. Therefore, you can determine if the areas you want to look at buying a house or if you own a house has no activity, low activity, medium activity, or high activity. This is a wonderful way to screen geographic areas you are interested in.
This report lists plugged, active, or inactive wells on a property. We also include information on gathering lines on or around the property and, finally, potential risks from this oil and gas infrastructure . Home buyers can use this report to screen properties before purchasing the home saving themselves from future risk and financial loss. Homeowners can use this report to determine if they have any old oil and gas issues. Once ordered, this report takes approximately two days to create depending on our backlog.
This second report provides detailed information on the identified wells in WellFacts™ Report including well drilling information, well construction information, plugging information, old pit information, and the likelihood of gathering lines. We also include information on possible mitigation methods for the risks identified. This report is especially beneficial for homeowners and landowners. Once ordered, this report takes approximately five days to create depending on our backlog.

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For Wellfacts™ QuickScreen, complete Section 1 of the form and the zip code only for Property Address and the County in Section 2. If you are interested in two zip codes, complete the Property Address and the County in Section 3. We then send you an order form so you can determine the well density. The price for this screening product is only $19 per zip code.

If you are interested in a WellFacts™ Report, complete Sections 1 & 2 of the form and we then send you a quote for the report. Pricing depends on the size of the property you want investigated. As an example, a Wellfacts™ Report costs $199 for a lot that is two acres or less. We also offer two of these reports for $239, if ordered at the same time, for property comparisons by completing Section 3.

If wells are identified on a property, we offer a more detailed report. WellFacts™ Pro starts at $349 for a lot that is two acres or less.

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